Monday, June 28, 2010

Cold mornings all in a row!

Yesterday morning!

We have had two good frosts in a row, the second one this morning a really white one extending out into the paddocks, rare for us. I love the crisp freshness of the mornings, normally followed by the most glorious sunny days.
Our new black girls didn't seem to mind, their black coats contrasting with the white.

The canna lilly leaf yesterday and this morning, beautiful crystals of ice this morning.

A frozen Arum lilly, crispy crunchy!

A frozen succulent cutting, recently popped into the garden, strangely the mother plant wasn't touched at all.

 Oh dear, the poor little bird snap frozen whilst having his bath...... but no, it is the bird ornament fallen in!

And the 'frog pond' under the tap with the 'frogs' having a frozen bath! I didn't realise when I took the photo that our glorious morning was reflected in the 'frog
Sometimes we do not get what we expect and today has turned out to be just that. Within a couple of hours the day had changed into a raw, cold, grey day.
Good for our characters one might say although I think I am tired of having things to improve my character!
Enjoy your lovely sunny weather on the other side of the world and really, I do love our winter, such a relief after the heat of summer! I can still complain of the cold occaisonally and always have to remind myself of something I heard Billy Connelly say once, "There is no such thing as bad weather, merely bad clothes!'

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