Sunday, October 26, 2014


As you may know I ride a three wheeled bike around our little town for some exercise! I'm really enjoying these early morning rides, especially at the moment...after the cold mornings...and before it gets really hot. A bit like the story of the three 'porridge' at the moment,the temperature is just right! 
But is is more than just the is all the fragrances that fill me with delight as I ride. This morning there was the scent of freshly mown grass, a jasmine flowering over a post, wisterias in bloom, the 'whiff' of delicious roses as I ride past. On one of my 'roads,'on the edge of town, there is a horse farm so I have the me....horsey smell as I ride right past.This morning a sheep truck drove past me, no sheep on board but I could still smell them, again to me a smell that brings back memories. 
Then there are the birds I see and hear. So many different ones and some elusive, I hear them but they are well hidden high amongst the foliage in the trees I past. There are of course the magpies dive bombing me, crows and Indian Mynah birds strutting their stuff,  very important in their own eyes. Willie wagtails, masked lapwings, blue wrens and so on, a real feast of them.
So come with me and I'll show you some of what I've seen in the last couple of days...

A 'bee' tree caught my eye!

If you look very carefully you can see the bees above...I just happened to pull up beside the tree this morning and noticed the bees very busily flying in and out. 

So...I hope you've enjoyed your ride along with me! And that you're enjoying your Sunday too!


  1. How lucky you are to have such a pretty town to cycle round. I love your tricycle! X

  2. your photographs are such a delight to see, think I could do with a 3 wheeler, I am hopeless on my bike