Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Another rose I've discovered in my garden. I don't know the name so would love someone to tell me. The bees adore it, rolling around in ecstasy to get as much pollen from the delicious stamens as possible! I'd almost say they were in a frenzy, squabbling to be the one to get the most pollen! 

The flowers fade, the outer rims of the petals quite creamy and the main part a beautiful pale apricot, softer than the orange that it first shows. The scent is beautiful but not a strong one and the stamens loaded with pollen, come out from quite a red centre...

These last two photos are from some that have been in a vase for a few days, the pollen has simply dropped onto the petals, I've not seen this before.
See you soon!


  1. Oh gorgeous! I love these very open types of rose. It looks a bit like a dog rose, but I have never seen one that colour. Our dog roses here are usually a deep pinky red. X

  2. I can see why the bees are in a frenzy. The petals are so creamy, I want to touch them on the screen! No flowers left here and hints of colder winter weather coming :(

  3. You always have the most gorgeous flowers! I adore roses! They remind me of my grandfathers, both gardeners. My grandfather that lived in my town would always bring the very last rose of the year to our house on Christmas morning! Living in the desert, it was so hard to grow roses, but he always had a full garden of them! I'm glad you will have a nice garden space at your new home. Do you know when you will move yet? Hope you are having a nice weekend.

  4. Gorgeous pics.....we have moved to the Adelaide Hills and our roses this are just gorgeous at the moment x

  5. I am a bit behind with blog posts since being away but glad I saw your Roses