Thursday, October 23, 2014


There are millions of roses, welllllllll, perhaps that is an exaggeration but it did seem that way when Lucy, Joe and I pruned them all! I've been watching the delicious buds appearing and waiting for the day I could seize the seccateurs and pick a bunch! E had picked the first pink one for me a couple of weeks ago so we did have that to adore!
So this morning I could do it! With seccateurs in hand, Bear, our dog, and I went into the garden, just the back garden mind you and we collected this lovely bunch, yellow, the deepest dark red which the photo doesn't do justice, pinks, and pink with apricot tones, most of them scented, how lucky am I to have such a collection to choose from!

And beside me as I write there is this beautiful scented pink rose, short stems so I'm floating them in a bowl as I didn't want to lose any of their 'sisters' who were budding up with such promise!

I wish I could give all my readers a bunch of them so you could all enjoy the fragrance as well!
Maybe tomorrow I'll pick some fro my front garden and show them to you. Have a good and rosy day today!


  1. They are edible Mum! Somehow I missed the last post. I can't wait to find out all the plants in your new garden! Love you, love me. xx

  2. They are absolutely beautiful. I can almost smell the perfume.
    Anne xx

  3. So beautiful and perfect! What a treat! X