Thursday, October 16, 2014


Our big news this week is that we have bought a house. Very exciting as we have been looking for ten months to get something we liked. I'm looking forward so much to unpacking all the boxes in storage, probably getting rid of even more as we unpack. We are not sure when we will move, the present owners have to find somewhere to live while they build. All my art and crafting materials in one place! All the things I've had to manage without! 
One of the joys of a new garden is discovering all the treasures in the garden. I know in our new garden there are some lovely gardenias, camellias, a silver birch, all favourites of mine and there will be room to plant all the roses I've brought with us that are now in pots. A really good lemon tree....always great to have! And, I'm hoping for lots of surprises as the seasons roll round. Things do have a habit of popping up...bulbs would be lovely!
The garden here in our rental is a beautiful Spring garden, the blossom trees, in particular a flowering cherry and a couple of stunning crabapples....

The roses here are also beginning to burst out, all beautiful. And I'm delighted to see some of the roses I potted to bring with us are flowering too, always a bit of a gamble not knowing whether they will adjust to going back into a pot. The following yellow rose is a very treasured rose, a cutting  taken from a really old rose in the original garden at the farm.

This pink rose is the first for our season, picked and brought into me by E, I'm sure that makes it even better!
Hopefully I'll be back soon with a lovely bunch of roses for you!


  1. How exiting, a new house! I sometimes think I want to move just to have the excitement of exploring a new house and garden. Your photos are beautiful, it is nice to see Spring here whilst outside my front room an autumn storm is raging.

  2. Congratulations on finding your new house! Look forward to sharing the adventure with you! X

  3. Congrats on your big purchase, sounds like a wonderful garden too, I just love seeing your photos as I am alwYs inspired by blooms to rush and start a painting.

  4. Congratulations on buying a home. It will be SO good for you to have your own place again and especially somewhere to put your creative bits and pieces. Beautiful photos of spring blossoms.
    Anne xx

  5. Thankyou all for your good wishes and I'm glad you've enjoyed these Spring photos. We still haven't an idea of when we will move, would love to be settled before Christmas when the family will be with us...patience will have to be practised! Thanks again, xxxx