Thursday, September 25, 2014


A stunning wisteria glimpsed this may realise I loooove wisteria, the scent is just divine and brings back many memories for me. You've probably gathered already that  I do loooove it!!

And then we popped into a church, we hadn't been here before  and thought the crochet and knitted rugs were a wonderful idea for those cold Sunday winter mornings. AND look at the toys in readiness for the children...wonderful ideas!

 Handstitched kneeling cushions.

Very thoughtful additions to the church!


  1. That wisteria is stunning. I love how you popped into the church while nobody was there. Those blankets and cushions are beautiful!

  2. What a fantastic idea to have cosy blankets over the pews. I love it! X

  3. What a brilliant idea to have lap robes in a church! I don't recall ever seeing needlepoint kneeling cushions before. I would love to see their church fete what with all the talented people there. Send some of that wonderful wisteria smells my way please :)

  4. I wonder what wisteria smells like? I am not sure if I have ever seen a wisteria bush in my life time, which seems a shame. What a great idea to have a toy corner for church, I bet there aren't many churches where you can find that, and the cosy blankets. I am just collecting every last blanket in the house for an autumnal camping trip. Cx

  5. I love wisteria, too, and lilacs. Wisteria seems like a southern plant but I have seen some here in northern KY. I enjoyed your visit to the little church with all the homemade and beautiful touches. Have a wonderful autumn.

    1. I wish I could describe wisteria scent! Spicy, sweet, Spring.... just delicious! I hope one day Cristina you will find the climber and then you'll say now I know! They often clamber over a pergola or up verandah posts, anywhere they can get their tendrils to cling. Lilac is also wonderful, similar to wisteria but different, also a Spring favourite.
      I'm glad you all loved the idea of the rugs, I've never seen that before.
      I do love Autumn, I think my favourite season really with all the fabulous colours. We are heading into Spring here, oh, maybe Spring is my favourite! So much promise around with all the new growth, blossom around and roses budding! Xxxx

  6. Oops, forgot you are in the southern hemisphere and you are having spring while we in the north enjoy fall. For some reason, I always think you are in Canada, a loooong way from Australia!! So have a happy Spring (another pretty wonderful season).