Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We have discovered a little market stall in a back street here. There are always bunches of parsley, today two varieties, and coriander when in season and almost always bunches of proteas and/or leucodendron. Today I scored!

All this for $6.00! The bunch of parsley, $2. The flowers $4! 

Proteas, from South Africa originally but do very well in our Australian conditions, as do the leucodendron varieties in the following photos. The only thing missing from them is a scent...I do love to have delicious scents around me!

The above are leucodendron, a South African shrub from the proteaceae family. So pretty and the bonus is they last for ages in a vase. The lime green variety adds that lovely colour to a garden and then there the pink ones above. I had always thought the lime green was my favourite but the pinky red wins hands down today!

Lately I've been keeping the parsley at the back of the sink in a vase and we just snip/pull bits off as are needed. Almost as good as having your own parsley growing at your back door! Two dollars a bunch !!


  1. I have never seen those flowers before! Thank you for the photos. They are beautiful. Do they have a scent? The one thing I regret is that in this apartment, even though I live on the ground floor, I don't have the luxury of planting anything in the ground. So I container-plant only. Which, really, is just as fun and beautiful. I'm just spoiled!

    1. No they sadly don't have a scent. I've had to revise the first sentence or a hurry yesterday when I wrote and spellcheck had taken over so have now added the no scent bit to it. xxx