Saturday, September 20, 2014


I've been looking forward to using this term...a SHELFIE as opposed to a SELFIE! I read it somewhere, I'm not sure where now but thought it was very funny! I'm very happy taking SHELFIES, and never would I take a SELFIE!
There is almost nothing as good as a large pile of books waiting for me at the library...all those books full of promise, mystery and hours of quiet delight! 

Reading is almost the most relaxing thing I can do, it can block out the world when my world isn't quite the way I would like, it can just be the deliciousness of getting stuck into a book that almost makes me salivate, it is so good. But then, when this delicious book is finished, nothing else is as good and some of the pleasure of reading has disappeared for a short time! Luckily though the passion for reading comes back to some sort of equilibrium and on I go to the next book.
I've been thinking of this quite a lot as I have just finished the latest Louise Penny book, THE LONG WAY HOME. She is a Canadian writer, writes mysteries that have such depth in them, such understanding of our human foibles and every word is has to be read. A good thing for me as I learned speed reading when studying to be a teacher and I often skim through a book too quickly and probably miss too much. Anyway, back to Louise Penny! She has written a series, all stand alone, concerning an Inspector Gamache and a tiny village tucked away in Canada. Her writing has matured and deepened so much over the years, fascinating to watch. So, if you need a good series to read give her a try!

I'm not sure whether Bear enjoyed the book, he does look a bit bored!
I'm looking forward to reading THE TAXIDERMISTS DAUGHTER. Kate Mosse's other books have been good. Hopefully lots of enjoyment her for me!


  1. Ooh, seeing your shelfie full of interesting titles has me reminiscing of a time when I read novels. These days by the time I finish painting the best I can manage is artists picture books LOL. The Taxidermists daughter sounds like a goodie.

  2. Your passion for reading shines through! I feel the same way about books, couldn't live without them X

  3. A shelf - I love it!!!!!!! Love me. xxooxx.

  4. Lorraine, I'm sure the fact that your reading is art books means that you are a dedicated artist! I think that is wonderful! Thankyou all for visiting! xx