Thursday, September 18, 2014


We have had a lovely few days with daughter Kate here from NZ, all too short, always is! Not so long though until Christmas when all the family will be here. Lots of talking and laughing, sisters, nephews and niece, mothers and fathers all clamouring for little bits of her. 

Painting swans as you may have seen on Kate's blog, Greedy For Colour.

No time to stop for a phone call from her brother in Perth!
She will be home now even though her flight was cancelled and she had to wait for another couple of hours at the airport after I dropped her off. The one time when I didn't go in with her as I had to get our car home for E to drive to Melbourne and she had to wait all that time on her own...we could have had a little extra of that special time!
I left her at 7.00 am and toddled on home, having to stop at a layby to make a few phone calls. Paddocks and paddocks of canola beside me. I always think I would love to lie down in the middle of all that yellow...I'm sure it would be magical!!  However I do think the canola crops have a mass of chemicals poured on them so I'm not sure that lying in them would actually do me much good!

Beautiful early morning light....I love it.


  1. How lovely, it is so nice to have a happy relationship with your children. I hope I'll enjoy many days like these when my children grow up. Cx

  2. Nice to have beautiful family time, I adore seeing Canola fields too, we have a around where I am

  3. The canola fields are gorgeous! I had never seen them before. If we have canola fields in America, I don't know where they are. The plants that are from Australia and New Zealand are so beautiful. Much different than here.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!