Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I've often picked up a pen and scribbled, just allowing the pen to go wherever it and whenever but I've never valued these scribbles as anything other than a loose suggestion of a subject. Lately I've been looking at them with different eyes and I'm enjoying the effect with paint thrown on top.

Cropping, is there such a word, helped this version of my quinces, lemons if you prefer!

A gardenia from the amazing bush here that just keeps on keeping on.

This one is on watercolour paper with a thicker pen. It should be fun to do I think!
What do you think? 


  1. All so pretty but wouldn't the second last one make such a lovely fabric. Loved talking today. Love me xxooxx.

  2. A great way to let loose, Fruit is such a good subject I enjoy painting it more than flowers

  3. I think you should get some made up as cards and sell on Etsy or similar, they're lovely.