Wednesday, April 2, 2014


We spied Easter Bunny again this morning and found he had brought a friend..

They decided they both needed a good cleanup, a lick and a promise I'm sure!

Easter Bunny was shy and kept his back to me as he cleaned himself...

And then they were off!

TODAY's BIKE news is that I did indeed ride to the shops and the PO! A three kilometre round trip! I'm so pleased to have done it and it is nice to have destination. Lucy lent me her cable lock so was able to hitch up to a metal post next to a car park in the supermarket car park. It was beautifully safe and out of the way of other people...and cars. It has been quite humid today and I must admit my legs were pleased to get home! Heat and I are not friends at any time so I was very happy to semi-collapse onto the couch with an E made cup of tea!

                                   PROOF of my shopping!


  1. I really am experiencing bunny envy!

    1. I know how much you love them! Come and visit! Love Mum

  2. I really am waiting for Kate to visit you next and your blog post showing your yarn bombed bike!!!!!

    Rachel - who has followed for a long time but can't comment easily on an iphone/ipad...currently sat in my little room at a proper laptop. :-)

    1. I'm hoping! For a little yarn bombing from her!
      Kate said you were having problems with commenting, I have the same problem often, it just freezes but I've found I often unfreeze by going into 'Preview', next to Publish, then edit comes up and I have another go. Sometimes I might have to do it two or three times for the words finally appear. Hopefully it works for you, the freezing is a real pain. Thankyou for looking at my blog, I feel as though I know you through Kate.
      Love, Mrs A