Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm really enjoying my bike/trike, it is a great success. I'm lucky that our little town is fairly flat, has a small population, only 2or 3 mainish roads...therefore plenty of quiet roads for me to wend my way to the shops!

I did look to see if Jeremy Fisher was hiding under a lily pad but he was well hidden! I'm hoping to one day see some flowers here, water lily flowers are so beautiful.

And the proof of my bike at the supermarket with the bags of shopping in the basket, the bike being tethered, (I know it is actually chained, not tethered!) to a post in the car park!
It was such a beautiful ride, perfect temperature for me, a 'good to be alive' day!
And tonight dinner was cooked for me, always a treat...

A chili con carne dish, guacamole and sour cream. Since we have comes here to live E is cooking once a week and is trying out things that are new to him. This dish was inspired by the delicious meal we had on Saturday night cooked by daughter no 2. She gave her recipe to E and voila! Our meal!
I do enjoy cooking...mostly...but it is lovely having a meal presented to me!

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  1. Hi Aubry! What a lovely post. I adore your bright red trike! How stylish! Glad you're enjoying life. Your new home looks gorgeous. I'm writing this without my glasses so I hope it's legible. Much love Amanda xxx