Saturday, April 5, 2014


isnt the problem! This is just my lovely yellow rose we potted up to bring from the farm. It has survived being transplanted in the heat and it's new environment very well...thank goodness! 
Now to my ipad and my blog...ugh! I LOST ALL MY FAVOURITE READS ON MY SIDE BAR yesterday, just like that, not a single one left, not even the space for one! So frustrating!! Lucy, a computer whizz came, set up the spot for my favourite reads but couldn't find all those I had lost. I have spent several hours tracking down these special blogs and restoring them to their rightful place and think I have most of them. There are so many inspiring reads out there and I enjoy my catchups with you all, my old friends! This is a wonderful world this blog land! I'm bound to have missed some, if you know you have been missed, please let me know! 
My other ipad concern, and I know others have the same the ipad freezing when I want to comment on other blogs. Very frustrating when the words stop coming! Something I've discovered by trial and error is that when the ipad freezes I tap to Publish. A little box comes up with Edit...I go into that and MOSTLY the ipad unfreezes and the words begin to flow. I might have to persist two or three times before it works...try it and let me know. 

I picked four gardenias before lunch and the scent is wafting over to me as I write...delicious! Only three in the photo I know...not today's photo!
It is a lovely Autumn day here, blue sky with white fluffy clouds. The lawn is being mown and in a lull a kookaburra decided to serenade us, full voice. A very Australian afternoon!
I hope you are all enjoying your day!


  1. We do love our flowers don't we. Love you, love me xxooxx.

  2. Technology can be so frustrating. Loving your flowers.
    Anne xx

  3. Love the Easter Bunny photos, and that gardenia is gorgeous!

  4. I just found your blog and enjoyed reading about your ramblings! So love the cute rabbits you have there. Please stop by my blog. I would love to have you visit! I do a lot of rambling also.

    1. Thankyou all for visiting. I have tried to answer you all before this but was having the same problem as above and couldn't get it to work, and then today...not a problem! I'll definitely come visiting! Mrs A