Sunday, May 4, 2014


Yesterday was the local Anglican Church Fete and as I can't resist the thought of a bargain, (and of course supporting the hardworking people of the Church!) I had to go. I bought two jars of delicious 'bread and butter zucchini' relish, I'm sure just the same as the bread and butter cucumber recipe. Also some yummy muesli slice...I do wish the recipe had been provided as we both really enjoyed the slice.
However my piece de resistance, I should say pieces, are the two very much preloved childrens books. The most interesting was the story of KERSTI and Saint Nicholas. It is the loveliest story, first published 

 by Frederick Muller in 1949. This copy was presented as a Divinity prize in 1950 and it turned out that the lady who was in charge of the book stall, and who sold it to me, was the owner of the book! We had a lovely few minutes talking about our mutual love of books and also her sadness that her grandchildren were only interested in screens. Their closest link to reading was that they at least listened to audio books. I'm encouraged that my grandchildren are readers, as are their parents.

It really is the most delightful book and one I think my 7 year old granddaughter will appreciate. The pictures throughout the book are beautifully done as well.
My other buy is interesting for a different reason. It is the same vintage, given as a present in 1952. 

It is very dated and although I'm enjoying browsing through it I don't think the modern teenager would relate to it at all.

'Aren't you ashamed of yourself?' Said Grandpa reads the caption. 

Poor Elizabeth struggles with the expectations of her family when all she wants to do is to go to Art School. It ends up being a bit of a budding romance and she does in the end get to do what she sets out to do. And as for her Grandpa being so thoroughly disappointed with his granddaughter, hopefully that wouldn't happen too much today.
If any of you follow Kate at  don't forget her giveaway of her beautiful childrens book about Stanley and his adventures, STANLEY AND THE HOT AIR BALLOON. She has crocheted all the characters and so much more. All the patterns are included for the reader to crochet their own Stanley. It is a treat of a book!

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  1. Those illustrations are wonderful Mum. Love me xxooxx.