Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Once again my blog is suffering from neglect. Again just life getting in the way as well as being stuck in the mud...figuratively speaking!
However there was a bright ray of sunshine when I received the following verses from a very dear friend...

So good to get your letter
And I'm glad you're feeling better
And I'm glad --------'s feeling like a home!

 I'm so pleased you've your 3-wheeler
You will look a lively "shelagh"
As you head to do your shopping in the town.

You may need to wear a scarf
As you tootle down the path
And a wintry wind comes chilly on your neck.

But I reckon that it's great
And your bike must be first-rate
And if you think you look a dork...well, what the heck!

'Cause we're at that certain age
Where we care not at this stage
If we're a dork or something saucier, Oh well!

We can ride a 3 wheel bike,
Or go on a crazy hike
Do whatever we would like
Enjoy ourselves and ring a little bell.

Now I'm finishing this rhyme
And I've had a lovely time
With a picture in my mind of you and E----
'Cause when he gets a bike
Or a tandem he might like
You can both go out a-riding on your bikes!

I know you've seen this before but I had to put it up to go with the poem!!
Now, hopefully, I will get back to blogging more frequently, maybe this blog has broken my 'drought'!

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