Monday, May 27, 2013


I had a lovely morning playing with my paints yesterday, finishing two 'flower' paintings and beginning a larger one with lemons, the latter not being very satisfactory but I will come back to it. The lemons are about to fall off, teetering at the back of the table! why didn't I see this mistake before I went as far! It is glaringly obvious now when I look at it!
I go to NZ on Wednesday for two stay with daughter Kate, It will be lovely to be there, so good to catch up with the family and see first hand all they are doing. I leave E at home with the dogs so at least he has good company!
I lay on the floor to do a little bit of yoga and instantly had company...very hard to focus on anything however simple when a dog, Bear lies on top of me for a cuddle!


  1. Can't wait for lots more painting!!!

  2. Lovely loose and fresh paintings. I especially like the colors in the lemon one; there's something fresco-ish about it.
    And what great cuddle-companions!

    1. Thankyou Laura and Kate for comments, lovely to hear you like them, even though I'm not that happy with the lemons! Mrs A

  3. I love your paintings.I have just been reading your daughter's blog and how excited she is about your visit.I hope you have a really lovely time.I am so lucky my daughter and family live only 40 minutes away.

  4. Thank you so much Aubrey. I believe you're off to see Kate soon.....have a super time and give her a big hug from me xxxx