Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Painting has had it's ups and downs this last week. I'm still working with the beautiful pumpkins I had found at our little market. The painting from last week I have written off. And learnt from it. The old saying that you learn more from your mistakes is very true. My composition was quite wrong, the large pumpkin at the back was too dominant and I had used paint too strongly. So I began another one, 'a string of pumpkins', the drawing went well, the painting started off well and then....I was too heavy handed with the paint with the second biggest one. The painting sat there for a few days, I worked on the little ones and it was all just OK. Until yesterday when I remembered Daniel Smith and his Watercolour Ground. This is a product which can be painted onto any surface and then used as a watercolour 'paper'. Ideal for mistakes! It is a thick paste that can be brushed on, diluted if necessary. So I used it yesterday and am now waiting to try it out. I have also experimented by putting onto a flat rock! I can imagine the rock sitting on a shelf with a little painting! I will let you know.....of course if it works as I think it will!


  1. I love pumpkins and Fall! Although, I am very happy we are in Spring right now after our long, cold winter! Just ordered my tomato plants this weekend! Yeah! Fresh tomatoes soon! It's actually pretty cold here right now for May... 52 degrees was our high today! Eager to see how the watercolor ground works for you. :)

  2. Hi Mrs. A, your painting is looking lovely!Beautiful composition of various shaped pumpkins. Usually the paintings that give us the most trouble, turn out to be our best work.I'll be curious to know more about the Daniel Smith watercolour ground, it would be fun to experiment on different surfaces.

  3. Hi Mrs C, I enjoyed looking at the various sizes and shapes of your pumpkims. They are like a one happy family, the smallest the youngest. I feel like eating them. The composition is good. Will wait for the result of your try.

  4. Lovely mum! I love the new background too, much brighter! Was going to suggest it the other day!!

    1. Thankyou Mrs C, Celia, Cora and Lucy for visiting and commenting. I do love these pumpkins and no doubt they will be used again and again until they are turned into pumpkin soup! Hopefully I won't be feeling so fond of them that I will think it is cruel to eat them! I am hoping to work with them this weekend so will post about the DS watercolour ground when I have 'finished' the painting. Love to all, Mrs A

  5. I'm sorry to hear you are both unwell, soup is just the thing for those off days. Your pumkins look lovely to me but I understand the frustration of not being happy with your own work.
    Anne xx