Sunday, May 19, 2013


We are only managing here on a few cylinders...E is quite sick with a cold, coughing and generally unwell. I'm OK but just. I thought pumpkin soup would be perfect...and it was!
Between the two of us we chopped up a butternut pumpkin, a good sizes piece of sweet potato...kumera...and cooked it in a litre of bought (tsk, tsk) chicken stock. Then had the idea of putting a handful of Vietnamese mint in at the end as well as about a cup of light Carnation coconut flavoured milk. We whizzed it up with a couple of pinches of salt. It was delicious, just what we needed.
I have turned the heater on in my studio so am determined to get there. I keep on distracting myself...why do I do this?!!
Well, it is Sunday!!

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