Saturday, June 1, 2013


I arrived here on Wednesday evening after a day that seemed very long. And now two more days have passed. All exciting as you can imagine, lots of catching up and looking at everything. Lots of reading with a treasure trove of books waiting for me. The Fate of Mercy Albon by Wendy Webb was the first book I read, gobbled up in the first twenty-four hours. It is a wonderfully evocative family saga with hidden secrets. I'm reading Victoria Hislop's The Thread now. It hasn't engaged me to the same degree but still wonderful. Also there were interesting painting and drawing books waiting, lots of discoveries to be made. Today there are more, a visit to their amazing library resulting in another huge load of books! I left the fiction to Kate as we like much the same books so I spent my time in the amazing art sections.
The photos are just a glimpse of life here, I haven't taken many photos yet.

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