Sunday, June 23, 2013


I had a wonderful holiday with the NZ lot, was taken care of beautifully and had a productive time you have seen. I do hate saying goodbye but it is also lovely coming home. I did find the day I came home very long, NZ is two hours ahead of Australia so that makes the day two hours longer for a start. Then two stops on the way home including a supermarket shop! Practical I know as we live nearly half an hour out of our shopping centre and I would have had to go back into town the next day. I was SO ready for sleep that night but it was quite elusive for some time!!
The weather is beautiful here at the moment...cold crisp nights with some frost, followed by the most beautiful days, bright sunshine, lovely. As we have just passed the shortest day I'm sure we are in for some cold and not so nice days ahead so...I'm enjoying what we have now.
I'm leaving you with the glorious last yellow roses for the season, only two flowers on the bush. Also a beanie I knitted for a dear friend and a mini hot water bottle cover, crocheted, for the same friend. And a couple of snaps I took on the way up to Auckland on my way home. Oh, and some Kate's chooks, about to fly off the balcony. Kate said I took heaps,of photos of her chooks...and roosters, and none of the boys! Sadly it was true! My only excuse is that,while the boys were near I just didn't think of cameras! Also, some wintersweet, chimonanthus praecox, for Kate! Lucy and Joe gave us the shrub some time ago and it has really taken off. If you don't know wintersweet it has the most beautiful scent, lovely waxy flowers. Quite delicious! Kate had some next to my bed when I arrived, Hiding in behind the books waiting for me.


  1. Mrs. A - what a beautiful rose and love the crocheted hat and hot water bottle. Thanks for sharing. We just experienced our longest day of the year. Summer here and winter there.
    Take care and have a great week.

  2. Thank goodness you are back to blogging - the beanie is just perfect and looks so pretty with the sparkles. Cold here this morning - I lit the fire so the boys would have somewhere warm to get dressed for school!

  3. Gorgeous yellow Roses to inspire to paint, They are one bloom that I have yet to capture the way my mind sees them on the paper, love the beanie too

    1. Thankyou Debbie, Kate and Lorraine for visiting! The yellow rose IS superb, even better today. I swear it is the best rose of the season, maybe the last hurrah, a sweet goodbye until the Spring! I have trouble painting a yellow rose, it somehow looks too garish. I always enjoy seeing the seasons opposite to ours here, and sometimes the way our flowers 'overlap'. Amazing nature! Love Mrs A

  4. It's nice to have you back Mrs. A! I love your flowers, you have so much to inspire you to paint and what funny chickens! Beautiful crocheted items too.