Friday, April 19, 2013


I'm sad for America. There seem to have been so many tragedies..all the shootings, poor Boston and now West. When will it stop. No violence. Just respect for one another. No matter the colour, the faith, the race.
Later.... I am ironing and have just been listening to the radio...hearing of more trouble in Boston. It seems as though a policeman has been killed and the radio station is trying to find out more. What is happening to our world.
I had also been thinking of all the other areas in the world that are going though chaos. We think of the countries we know best but there are so many more trouble spots. Aggression, evil acts, natural disasters. It is not just America's suffering. So many other countries are suffering too.
Again I ask, what is happening to our beautiful world.


  1. Thank goodness for dogs and roses.

  2. Thanks for caring about us! :) The security officer that was killed worked at MIT and was protecting students from the Boston bombers. The bombers then hijacked a car and the police chased them to a neighboring town where one was killed. The police have locked down an entire town and have systematically been searching the entire town for the remaining bomber/terrorist. We are actually watching the news report on our NYC news station right now!

    1. All just plain awful for you all, loving thoughts, Mrs A

  3. Your flowers are beautiful.
    In my cottage by the woods
    now 3 years
    cannot grow roses
    too damp and shady.
    But have one that has survived :)

  4. You have all those beautiful trees around you, they have to be part of your garden! I would love to have a few damp and shady places in which to put some plants! Thankyou for commenting, love Mrs A