Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I've been feeling a bit bedraggled today, not sure what will make me zing, yes, I meant to say zing. So this morning I toddled into the garden, weeded and fed the chooks with some newly pulled green grass, picked some roses and then it was lunch.
I find I have lost my favourite reads from the sidebar which upsets me...and now I am missing all the news from theses lovely people. I'll give it a few days and hopefully the gremlins will sort things out or I will seek some help from one of my helpers.
I didn't feel like painting but went into my playroom... And began sorting out my paints, putting dollops of paint into my stay wet palette. I'm so often too precious about putting too much paint out, I don't want to waste the paint, making it last and of course it shows, not enough paint being used.
I had picked some lovely Angel Face roses this morning and had these beside me as I worked. Their scent is delicious, quite spicey and so sweet. My brother who died many years ago, had given me this rose for one Christmas and it has come with us each time we have moved house. I now have two, the second from a cutting and this year plan to strike some more. Painting just wasn't for me today but decided to sketch these roses.....the paints were sitting there and a wash just 'happened'. The whole exercise probably took twenty minutes, at the most. It really has shown me that I don't need a lot of time to paint, it only needs to happen!
Back to my roses, I have always loved having flowers of some sort in the house, a tiny bunch or even one special flower. It could be a bunch of something or just the raggletaggle bits in winter when there seems to be nothing in the garden ....when actually there is. I read one day about someone always having fresh flowers in their work space and I love the idea. There are often flowers on my kitchen bench or window sill. Flowers are a wonderful connection for me to nature, to my family including those that aren't with me any more.


  1. Beautiful post! I agree with the favourite reads having disappeared from the sidebar. I wasn't sure what they were talking about when they said they were going to discontinue it (the sidebar or the dashboard). You have a lovely blog and I absolutely love your header! So bright and cheerful.

    1. Thankyou Linda for your comment. I thought I had somehow mysteriously pressed something to make my sidebar disappear but maybe it was the google gremlins instead. Anyway I've laboriously put them back, maybe missing out on some favourites but no doubt I will pick the, up along the way! I've now visited you and enjoyed your visit. I understand and sympathise with being a SSP, a super sensitive person. I think I can put myself here somewhere but have learned to let stuff go....not all the time though! Keep on being you, Mrs A