Wednesday, April 24, 2013


When I am cutting watercolour paper to size with a scalpel and a steel ruler, the ruler often slips as I cut, especially with a full sized sheet. I just can't seem to hold the ruler firmly enough, keep everything in position. One of those occasions three pairs of hands would be helpful...or handy! Then I had a break through...maybe others have been doing this for years but not this little bunny! I put masking tape along the ruler, sticking it to the paper and bingo it worked beautifully! The ruler stayed in place and I was able to cut the full length of the paper.
Masking tape can be a good friend but sometimes a bad enemy. I use it to stick my watercolour paper onto an acrylic board when I am painting. If I leave the masking tape there for too long, it tends to bring some of the surface paper off, ruining the 'mount'. Well, my second hint is to heat the tape with a hair dryer and then carefully peel off the tape while it is warm, it seems to melt the sticky enough to let go, again others may have known this but it is a new idea for me.
I am so enjoying this Autumn, the different light, the cooler nights...and days, and of course the colours appearing in the trees. The morning light photos were taken one morning, padding out into the garden in bare feet and pyjamas to get the best shot. The grass was covered with diamonds....dew.... fairly chilly on the toes but worth it! And seeing the diamond laden grass!

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