Friday, April 5, 2013


Easter is over, family back at home and we have quietened down. I was expecting a friend this afternoon to pick some flowers for the church and so we had a cleanup. Great excuse to have a tidy and a surface clean! She then rang to say she wasn't coming, much as I was sorry not to see her, it did give me more time with my paints. By the time she did ring I had also cleaned up the weeds etc that had been pulled out and left, even sweeping where I had raked! And of course managed to fit in a bit of transplanting and watering. Gardens are addictive, just don't have the energy I need for all I want to do.
I did say to the big one that my friends' houses all seem so neat, tidy and clean compared to ours. But then they don't have two big dogs who live inside. They don't have a golden retriever who sheds hair if you look at him. And they don't try to paint and crochet or even knit. They don't have the size family as we have and so don't have the comings and goings we have. So you can imagine the different lifestyles and homes we have! Luckily they all seem to enjoy coming here as I enjoy having them. I just wish I were more organised but suppose that will never happen!
Two paintings, poppies and then pomegranates from the garden. There have been lots of blogs from the other side of the world with poppies, bright and cheerful. Well, I loved the idea so began on Wednesday, a total failure but as I had used some 300 gm Arches paper I scrubbed, literally, as much as I could off and returned to it yesterday when everyone had gone. The colour that was left from the day before gave me a good start and off I went. I'm reasonably happy with it and will do some more.
Then I found these three pomegranates on the tree. Gorgeous colours and only one having been discovered by the birds. So good to have something from one's own garden to paint. I'm pleased with this attempt and will do more studies over the next few days.
I can't believe it is the weekend, where does the time go?!


  1. Wonderful Mum - I am so glad you ended up with a clean house and more painting time!

  2. Lovely paintings, hope the kids didn't ruin the clean look you achieved!

  3. Thankyou my girls! Yes the house is still clean and tidy thankyou Lucy! It is nice when a clean house lasts longer than a few days but still would rather have a visiting family than a pristine house! Although sometimes.......not really. Love to you both and goodnight, sleep tight! Love Mrs A/Mumxxxxxxx

  4. I'm having n another go this morning. Have just had my hour in the garden, really too long for me but you know how it is...just a bit more and another bit more. Now for a quiet cup of tea. Thankyou Anne for visiting, you are a loyal friend! Love Mrs A