Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Last week our little local library held a painting/meditation morning. I couldn't resist, two of my 'things' together! The leader for the morning was so well prepared...paints, brushes, backing boards and several sheets for each of yantra designs, (I had never heard of a yantra...like a mandala ), lovely thick A2 paper and beautiful music. The idea was to focus on the 'colouring in' as you painted and listened to the beautiful meditation music. Rather like focusing on a mantra. Each yantra had a different message to add to the mix. I've tried to put a link in for you 
but can't so suggest you search images for yantras, there are heaps to see

My colours were much brighter than the photo shows...we had to choose three colours so I chose blue for a favourite colour, orange for one I felt I needed and dark brown for one I don't like. Then at the end I chose yellow for an extra as I thought it needed some sunshine as well. All the other pieces done on the day were different to mine, more subdued and all beautiful. Mine looked almost garish...but cheerful although I did feel rather as though I needed to be more delicate in the things I do....until I read the quote at the top of the page more carefully...

I honour the uniqueness of my journey in life! It was a real reminder of the uniqueness each of us possesses, that we follow our own star, even when this way may make life difficult for us. It reminded me of a quote I read a few days ago, 'if you follow the herd you are bound to walk in 's..t'. For me it has been a struggle often to remember to walk my own path, still is at times as I was brought up to be very conservative, to not offend anyone, to be 'nice' at all times and so on. I'm still reminded, even at the meditation...one woman asked if anyone was hot, nobody spoke up except I did say I was just right. The next thing she did was to speak to the leader and the door to outside was opened wide. It was COLD! I was too polite to suggest that  perhaps the open door could be closed a little and too polite to put my jumper on as the 'hot'woman was sitting next to me and I didn't want to hurt her feelings! How do you spell der, durr, duh! I'm not sure but for goodness sakes, how very polite and how disrespectful of my own feelings! 
I really enjoyed my morning, the time flew past and thoughts came and went without being important, a real 'chill out' morning, no worries, no 'when are we going to get our own home' sort of thoughts, very therapeutic.
Enjoy your chilling out time...in whatever way is right for you! We need some EVERY DAY!


  1. It sounds like a very interesting morning and glad you enjoyed yourself. I have this image of you riding down the library on your fantastic new bike. Wonderful!!!
    Anne xx

    1. That is my idea but not yet! I have to be more confident! I've just been out on a back road near us for nearly two ks, the furthest so far! It is good fun! Thanks for checking in, Mrs A