Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Synchronicity is a strange thing which happens in all sorts of ways. For me it is often in the novels I'm reading. I read a book which has an unusual name and then the very next book I read has exactly the same UNUSUAL name! It happens a lot, so just one of life's little mysteries. 
However this time I'm amazed with the last few books I've read, all set in the 1930-1945 period, all connected in some ways to the Second World War. And in this latest batch of synchrocities I'm including a fascinating talk about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, their very empty and unfulfilling lives, her jewellry...interesting as she had a penchant for paste jewellry included in her amazing pieces. There were monograms on pretty well everything but the kitchen sink although maybe it was too! The set of measuring spoons in the kitchen had their initials entwined with a coronet above! Maybe the furniture was exempt?! All to remind everyone that they were royalty...sort of. I did think there must have been enormous insecurity for them. All I can say is thank heavens that King George VI became king in his place, from all I have read a very sincere genuine man who gave his all to the people.
Some of the books I've been reading have touched on the Windsors and also some of the English aristocracy who were impressed with Hitler. It must have been a very strange time before the war. I was born during the war and lived on a farm in rural Victoria and my life was not touched in any way that I'm aware of.

The Perfume Garden was about the Spanish Civil War which in a way was the prequel, (what a word!) to the Second World War, and a time I know little about. Although a novel it was based on fact. The atrocities committed then were on a par with anything we hear about modern day times. It is the old 'man's inhumanity to man'. I don't understand any of it, thank goodness! And it is good to reflect on all the decent and genuine people we see all the time, the kindnesses that abound.
My last piece of synchronicity to do with this time period was seeing The Book Thief on Sunday afternoon. What an amazing film, the superb acting, everything about it. I couldn't say I enjoyed it, more endured the emotions that the film invoked.
 I think I need a break from this period, get back to a good old murder mystery!! Not too gruesome though and a story when I can skim through anything nasty!


  1. They sound like great reads. So lovely to have you back!!! Love you, love me xxooxx.

  2. What a lovely blog post! :-) Have fun with you new bike - I used to live a "bike city" where most of the ways are made by getting there by bike. It's so refreshing to go out and enjoy the breeze while riding the bike!
    Take care,

    1. Thanks Anne for your comments! I've just been to your blog and see you have an international blog with your friend, a great way to keep in touch. I am loving the bike, out on the road this morning for about 1 1/2 ks, not far but a good ride. Mrs A