Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Another photo of the new bikie! This time on my 84 yr old friend's bike, the one I first tried out. She rides every day with her daschund, Gus riding in the basket and no, he doesn't have a helmet!
I've been out this morning on a quiet back road near where we are living, gum trees lining the road, farm land beside the road, no traffic. I went nearly two ks altogether so my furtherest ride yet. What was lovely for me was the scent of the gums beside me, the scent you miss as you drive past them in an air conditioned car. It took me back to my childhood...I rode a bike from just aged five, two miles to school...and of course two miles home. A big haul for a five year old in the summer heat, then of course in all the different weather, heavy frosts in the winter, thankfully no snow! Our parents didn't pick us up in a car if the weather was inclement, we had to tough it out! Don't think I'm complaining as I'm not. It was just a fact of life. It was a lovely memory for me this morning though, the deliciousness of the fresh eucalyptus took me right back. It wasn't always fun and Spring time we would often be bombarded by swooping magpies attacking us. We would stop before THE TREE where they lurked, then pedal for all we were worth and be very happy to think we had evaded them! Sometimes there was a snake on the road and we would have to work out whether it was safe to tear past or what else we could do. We never tackled one, just somehow avoided the snake!
This post wasn't to be past memories but...
Sometimes when I was older, I left the little school when I was almost eleven to put it all in perspective, I would ride my horse to school. There was a horse paddock in the school grounds where the horse munched away until it was 'hometime'. One afternoon as I went to ride home, my horse threw me and took off! The teacher of this little country school who always rode his bike to school, hopped onto his bike and followed my untrusty steed, caught him and then led the horse back, still riding his bike! It does make me laugh to think of it, as it did at the time! I dId hop back on and rode home to tell my story, another adventure to relate! 
And a lovely picture that was in a Melbourne paper last weekend..

The power of love, the look in the eyes, beautiful!
Have a happy day, me too after I have done some ironing that has been hanging around, seemingly for weeks!


  1. I have to say it again, I LOVE your bike.
    Anne xx

  2. It is great, me too! Two ks this morning so getting better! I imagine it would be too hilly where you are! I am very impressed with your venture into vegie gardening, good luck!