Friday, October 11, 2013


We are gearing up for our auction on November eighth, the house is spotless...most of the time anyway...the garden is lovely. Only a few roses out but lots of buds promising lovely flowers. We have had two inspections this week and the nicest thing about all this buildup is to see flowers throughout the house.

The lilac is divine, the scent wafts around everywhere. And the others...well, I read that you need yellow flowers to entice the right buyer so of course I had to buy yellow lillies, two bunches to get the right effect!
It will be sad to leave...but we are looking forward to our next life, one that will be creative and fun and easier. we have seen somewhere we like but it isn't straight forward, and we have to sell here first. Patience isn't my strongest attribute when it comes to my nest! So, keep your fingers crossed for the best possible outcome for all concerned!
Have a happy weekend!


  1. The lilac alone would have me moving in....

  2. Go.od luck with your house selling. Your home looks lovely. Hugs Mrs A. (the other one)

  3. Your flower arrangements are gorgeous.
    Anne xx