Thursday, September 26, 2013


Life as been very busy since we made the BIG decision, seeing prospective real estate agents, preparing the house for photos to be used in the advertisements, catching up in the garden and so on. We have had lots of help and wouldn't be where we are if not for that help..which continues on. we even have had second daughter acting as a stylist in the house, rearranging and hiding unnecessary 'stuff'. Do look at 'stonefruitseason' on my sidebar to see my beautiful colour-coordinated book shelves! Do these shelves belong to me...hard to imagine!
One of the bonuses has been to see the lovely display of bluebells at the moment. They must have been so overgrown before this season that I have failed to see them flowering. Of course I can be kind to myself as well and understand that the bulbs have been quietly multiplying AND we have had rain at the right time!
There have been some happy, unplanned 'accidents' in my garden planning...

A pretty red pelagonium nestled into the bluebells and not a very good picture. My second 'accident' is even better....

A late afternoon shot of californian poppies with purple daisies ans purple iris in the back of the bed.
hopefully i will remember to take another photo when the sun is shining onto them in the morning.
And now the reason I actually thought I would write a post...

My chattering chooks, again a poor photo because of the light. Kate from greedyforcolour sent me the photo of her chooks. The colours are much brighter in the painting.

This as you can see, !!???, is sideways. Don't ask me why! It is the computer going mad as it is the right way on the photo site. I will try and take another tomorrow and see if the computer has come to it's senses!
Maybe I shouldn't have begun to post today.....
See you soon!


  1. Hi there, the other Mrs A. calling in to say hello. Your bed of poppies is glorious. We had bluebells planted under a fir tree but since removing the tree the bluebells have been giving us a lovely display over the past 2yrs. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Your garden is gorgeous and your painting wonderful.
    Anne xx

    1. Thankyou Mrs A and Anne for visiting, I love to hear comments and they do always encourage me in my creative endeavours. My ipad hasn't let me reply to your visits but tonight it decided to allow me. Hope your weekends have been happy and doing perfect things just for you. Love Mrs A