Sunday, October 27, 2013


One rose I absolutely need to have in my new garden is the MUTABILIS rose. It has had flowers all through the winter and is now covered with little dainty flowers, delicate reddish stems and tiny buds. The flowers change from the apricotty, orangey colours to the almost alizarin dark red. One of the roses I would have even without the 'must have' scent. 

Two different approaches to capturing their magic, the second not finished, more of a pen and wash.
I haven't had much brain space for painting and these have been squeezed into a tiny corner. It isn't that I've been so busy, just needing the brain space. We are sitting back with a 'decluttered' house waiting for the right buyer to pop out of the woodwork, people who fall in love with our house and our farm, people who love it like we do. I did say to a friend the other day that I feel that if I lie on the couch during the day I make the place look untidy! Not conducive to feeling relaxed when I need to chill!
Take care all you out there in the blogging world and beyond. I do read so many blogs but haven't been commenting, you are all amazing to read and some really touch my heart.
Love Mrs A


  1. Beautiful sketches, easy to find inspiration where you are!

  2. The colors of the roses are lovely. You are so fortunate that you have many things to inspire you where you are. Hope you'll have a wonderful week.

    1. Thankyou so much for commenting. I do love feedback, not often being complimentary about myself! I always looking at your posts but haven't been up to speed to comment how much I enjoy your work. Love Mrs A