Thursday, September 9, 2010

Silver Linings No 2

The last week hasn't been one of our best ones with family in Christchurch but on Monday the old adage of 'it's an ill wind that doesn't do any good' came true for us as daughter-in-law and new grand-daughter came to stay. Son No 1 stayed at home and is very relieved to have his little family here and of course we are loving it. Their house is reasonably all right, a wonky chimney and a few cracks so they are the lucky ones. However all the aftershocks are very worrying for every-one, people reacting in different ways and so many having had devastating losses...but no deaths. How amazing!
We are now centred around the baby, gorgeous granny and pa time, also aunty and two cousins. So lovely to see the instant bonding between cousins!! Having family here is a great excuse to sit down and ...I could say 'gossip'...but it is exchanging ideas and informative conversations I am sure. Aunty Kate is very green not being here too, instead of safely in the norrth island of NZ. At least I am getting more knittting for the Bald and the Beautiful Shavathon, the blue beanies they need to keep their shorn heads warm.
Today we alsoo have a 10 week old Jack Russel Puppy visiting. He is having a lovely visit, although we did have to stop her from chewing the baby's toes, however tempting they might have been! Bear is our big galumping golden retriever who will always think he is a baby is having a great play......

I know there are more photos of the dogs than the baby but just be patient!
More soon, have a great and peaceful day!!

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  1. Lucky, lucky you having a grandbaby and daughter-in-law come to visit. Glad they are safe. Enjoy. Do dogs every grow up? Nope!