Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What a time it has been! The earthquake was a great huge PIP, sending forth it's shocks physically, mentally and emotionally to all who were there at the time. Our CHERRY was the prolonged visit of Carol with Lulu. It has been such a beautiful time with them here and then a visit from Son No 1 who flew over for the weekend, needing his family for some respite from the tremors that have continued......I am not sure about the last 24 hours but they have really slowed down and then there was a 5.something yesterday.
I had some difficult 'teeth' work over the last 3 weeks and then the appendix put me into hospital for a few days. So... more PIPS! All over now and I am back to the bowl of cherries!! We have Carol and Lulu, two more little grandchildren staying for a few days while their parents show Sydney off to  a visiting Irishman.

Great guard dogs here!

Lulu loved snuggling in to Bear, all soft and warm. He is nearly 3, a big buffhead and so very gentle. We also have the Jack Russel pup here and the two play together for hours.

A new baby blanket, knitted in garter stitch using Luxury wool from Bendigo Wool

and the last one I knitted being used ALL the time!

I knitted my first sock for ages from this wool, then found my guessing of sizes was soooo wrong, I had to pull it out and will begin again. Nearly 4 yr old granddaughter's foot is not 9cm as I thought but a whopping 16 cm!! How could I be so wrong!
I'm on light 'duties' for another week so am sure I can put in a few more crafting times . I did tell the big one I wouldn't be able to cook or do anything for another month but he didn't quite buy it! I wonder why??????
 Great to be back in blogland, I have had little peeps to see what is happening but the concentration hasn't been great. See you soon.....


  1. Hi Aubrey,
    It's so nice to have you back in blog land, I've missed you. It's lovely to see photos of your little grandbaby and how cute to see her snuggled up to Bear.
    Let's hope your family life settles down soon, what with earthquakes and chickenpox in N.Z. and you with teeth and appendix problems.
    Make the most of light duties. Milk it Aubrey. :-)
    Take care,

    Anne xx

  2. So lovely to have you back - That sock pattern sounds a bit dodgey - I would still love to see the sock though. V. cute little Lulu - she looks very happy.

  3. Hi Aubrey! So glad you're doing well! I love to see your family pics! Hope you're making the most of this "resting" malarky! Did Kata tell you...we're doing a rabbit swap? I'm trying to think of a little something to pop in for the boys...I'll have to get my thinking cap on! Lots of love, Amanda xxxx