Monday, July 29, 2013


I can't believe how long it has been since I joined in the blogging world. I can't even say I've been very busy but things just have a way of getting in the way of writing. I haven't been painting very much, no creative spark tickling at me to pick up a brush or a hook. And it is winter...the days have been pretty ordinary including the very welcome wet days. I often think of Billy Connelly who said once we don't have bad weather, we  just have bad clothes, in other words whatever the weather we do have is fine so long as we are wearing appropriate clothing. I think he is right.... but grey skies don't seem to motivate me, I would prefer just to hunker down in front of the fire with a good book, get lost in book world.

Some days have been pure the last of the summer roses.

And some days there have been shadows, lurking away and keeping me in my burrow!

I never think of winter gardens as being dull. the various wattles begin early, barely at the end of summer but when the Cootamundra wattle flowers I can feel my spirits lift!
There are so many delicious scents at this time of the year...daphne, my delicious wintersweet, daffodils and jonquils, sages, the winter buddleia and on and on. Winter scents to also inspire and warm the heart.

Snow flakes and violets, hellebores .

We have visitor staying with us...Gustav the daschund. He is quite elderly and very set in his ways but we are all getting used to each others' foibles! Our two big ones just seem to ignore him even though Im suspicious that he is sleeping on the old lab's bed rather than his own . By the way, these dogs are not in prison, just waiting at the fly-wire door to come in!

A painting may appear on my next's hoping! I have begun another chook one so will get back to it towards the end of the week.
I hope you all have a happy week, a contented week best of all!


  1. I almost smelt those violets. It is so fragrant here to - the moment I step into the garden the air is thick with Daphne, the last of the wintersweet and the winter honeysuckle. Heaven!

    1. I've been trying to remember the name of the winter honeysuckle so thankyou! Lonicera fragrantissimo! Even the name sounds delicious! As we come in from the car we brush past the honeysuckle, how lucky to have been given the gift of smell! Love Mum

  2. Pretty flowers! I know you said it's winter there but the flowers, green grass and your screen door open are throwing me off... what is your average temperature there in winter? I'm used to winter being 15 degrees Fahrenheit( from what I can figure thats -10 degrees Celsius ), brownish grass, no leaves or plants growing, ice, snow... your typical northeast US winter! Hope you are out of your creative funk soon! look forward to seeing a new painting! :)

    1. Our winters ARE different! Screen doors not generally open but it was a sunny afternoon and I was letting some fresh air come in! Our winter temperatures are from around 0 -5 degrees Celsius to maybe 12-14 degrees. No snow but sometimes frosts and when we have frosts we usually have sunny days. Many grey days of course as well! I always look at the snow you have, bulbs poking through and it is so beautiful, probably not easy to live through though. Thankyou for visiting, Mrs A