Monday, June 8, 2015


Once again time is flying, bundled up with my family here, embedded as they say in all the everyday happenings that normally I only hear about. I don't need entertaining or to be taken to interesting places, just being here is more than enough.

I look out onto this from my bed each morning, very easy to sit in bed with my cups of tea and watch the sky light up through the last of the Autumn leaves, birds flitting and chatting a few feet from me.
I've been wanting, needing a new direction with creating, feeling very stuck and uninspired. And...suddenly I'm off in that new direction! So exciting! Kate had discovered the Gypsona plaster of Paris bandage crafting. Using it as you do with papier mâché. Building a structure, and then covering with sloppy pieces of the plaster bandage.
Kate has been making an amazing caravan, I'll leave that to her to blog is beautiful...of course!

The rather spooky hand cast behind belongs to Archie, photo bombing! 

This poor old duck hasn't been quite finished, her pipe cleaner arms are to be covered. And she is rather knock kneed poor thing!
We've been using Gypsona bandage, bought from the chemist, I do wonder whether they are wondering about the boys, whether they have many broken bones that the parents are hiding from the medical world?!
Archie had a 'mental health' day on Friday spending a  quietly happy morning alongside his aunt, mother and grandmother who were all occupied with various projects and now today we'll have another special time with my extra family so lots of special times. Hugo had his time with the Gypsona yesterday, making a mouse house!
We did have a library trip just after I arrived to top up all the books Kate already had waiting for me. So many good books with a surprising one for me the best so far...Jodi Piccoult's Leaving Time. Quite different to her other books with a very surprising twist at the end. I think I could have spent my entire time here reading but one needs to talk, eat, (delicious meals!) create,  nap and of course, sleep so all these activities do rather distract me from reading!
And there are persimmons...I love them, eating, looking, appreciating the beautiful colour! 

Home on Thursday which of course will be lovely too, but oh, I do so hate saying goodbye! 

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  1. Your holiday happiness shines through your words. Precious time with the family. Enjoy your last few days! X