Friday, April 17, 2015


I've neglected my blog so much lately and I do miss it. However I always read my blogging friends first thing whilst having my morning cup of tea.  At last I seem to be pretty organised, most things have a home even if I would like a few more shelves...just waiting for E to have some me time...that is time for my wants rather than his time for himself!
The weather has been extremely dry in our corner of the woods and the creek which runs through the middle of the town had all but dried up, just a 'puddle pond' left where people tend to picnic instead of the flowing stream. The ducks had deserted the area, not enough water for them to have more than a splash. However! We have now had a little bit of rain, some further up towards the source of the creek and our 'puddle pond' has grown and with the growth the ducks have returned, so many of them it is a treat to see. I'm not sure whether it is 'legal' these days to feed the ducks but decided it would be fun to walk down with our 4 year old grandson who was with me this morning. And it was fun! We scuffled through the leaves, he picked up the conkers  from the plane trees, carefully bringning home one that had 'horns' on it and best of all he fed the ducks! Two pieces thrown into the melee of ducks, one piece for him! Obviously the grandson didn't want to go hungry!!

The one magpie who tried to attend the party! But wasn't allowed to participate but the ducks!

Al in all a happy morning, for little J, for the ducks....and for me!


  1. Lovely to hear your blogging voice again! Feeding the ducks is one of life's great pleasures, especially eating little bits of bread yourself as you go along! X