Thursday, December 4, 2014


I was just browsing through photos thinking I hadn't been in blog land for a little while so looking for some inspiration found a theme of WHITE. As our days are lengthening and becoming hotter I see so many beautiful snow photos, stunning snow photos and I sigh for the cooler weather. I do know that for many the snow becomes very tedious but from this little corner in Australia I'm rather envious!

This photo was such a fluke...the pair of cockatoos had been sitting quietly, but as I snapped away I caught this one taking off. They are such naughty chaps and are now haunting our garden again. They have stripped a crabapple of all of the beautiful dark red fruit as well as little offerings of the ends of the branches and leaves. Then today I caught them in the apricot tree, it doesn't really matter as the fruit was destroyed by fruitfly last year and no doubt it will be again. The apricots are green so they aren't nipping them off to eat them, just to have fun. And then later this morning the baby quinces were being attacked! Ugh!

Gardenias...such a favourite!

Quince flowers, so delicate and sweet.

And our visiting white rabbit. He is wild, very timid but seems happy to visit. For some strange reason our golden retriever absolutely ignores him, will happily be in the garden at the same time ignoring him. Just lately a small grey rabbit visits too and it has been funny to see the white one chasing him, pulling him into line. 

We visited a beautiful garden a couple of weeks ago where we admired these romeneya poppies. Luckily my sister-in-law knew their name so could look them up when we arrived home. The next morning I discovered them flowering here and I hadn't noticed them before. They weren't as good specimens but still beautiful as you can see.
So lots of white even if it isn't Christmassy snow! How are your plans for Christmas? I'm slowly getting there, the pudding and now the cake as of today are made. I have at least a million, slight exaggeration, cards to write as I'm putting in our change of address for when we move, a bit premature for our move but it will help later on and save 'double handling.' Only a fortnight now until our NZ family arrive, how exciting for us all!


  1. Love your white photos. And we over here (well me anyway) are envious of your warm weather. We are never satisfied. Enjoy your family visit

  2. Thankyou Polly, and lots of good wishes for a warm winter for you and a cool summer for us!! Xx

  3. Love those white photographs. The overriding colour in my world right now is GReY! Rain lashing the windows, wind howling, and skies dark! X