Saturday, August 17, 2013


When I wrote the last post I did think I would be a more regular blogger but the days have slipped past too quickly with no posting. No photos, not much painting and just a bit of
 crochet. And no writing! So, this morning in an idle moment I am posting a mishmash, including the wool I received in the mail yesterday from 'little woollie' at 
Little woollie has her online wool shop with beautiful wool, worth looking at! I have begun a cot blanket for a new and precious grand-daughter in waiting and my local woolshop  had run out of the pink I needed, didn't know when she would get is just a small country town shop and can't place big orders. So...when I remembered little woollie it was wonderful. Little woollie even sent a crocheted motif with her handwritten note in the parcel, a lovely thought.
We still have our visitor, little Gus who has become very settled here. The big one took him for a ride on the 'quad', a 4 wheeled motor farm bike. Gus was very settled, curled up in the very safe arms of his host!

Some giant snowdrops and a giant cotyledon as well for you to enjoy! So interesting to see things from a different point of view! Life is full of these little challenges! 
Have a lovely weekend and hopefully I see you all soon!