Thursday, March 12, 2015


It has been such a long time since I wrote, so much happening here in our corner of the woods...packing yet again and moving house. Not far this time, only a kilometre away from where we were renting. But now it is our permanent home, no more shifts for us...I now need to get rid of all the packing boxes we have accumulated with each move, maybe keeping them might be a subconscious message we are to move again! No thankyou Universe, we are very happy here and intend to stay for our forever!
And no, the above picture is not where we are living! I'm not quite prepared to livie in a tiny cottage like this as someone so obviously did years ago, the old tank stand on the right hand side of the house showing that the rain would have been collected from the roof, every precious drop. I have seen the cottage on morning rides before but this morning it inspired me to write my first post I think for the year. Our house is a little bigger than this, probably at our age one might say too big but we have nestled down very comfortably. One of our requirements for our home was to have a big shed that didn't dominate the entire back garden, not so easy in a small town to find exactly what we wanted. We have our shed, not mine you would all know but the domain of the very industrious, clever and handy husband of mine. We all think he can do anything, going right back to Kate from Greedyforcolour  who at the age of 11(think) bought me a special tumbler for a present, dropped it and broke it. She came home and said to E that she had collected all the pieces as she knew he could mend it! Well, not quite!! Sad for Kate! The shed is a very big double garage with an extension at the back, just perfect for our needs....sorry...for HIS needs!
I'm still sorting out boxes of all my 'making' and 'doing' stuff I've collected, that has been in boxes since we left the farm. The tricky part is where I'll put it all as I haven't the same cupboard space as I luxuriated in before. So there is some culling, more op shop with all sorts of 'stuff'. I won't show you the state of two rooms, one is to be cleared with the conglomeration going to somehow fit into 'my room'! I feel so lucky to have a ’room' to call my own and can't wait until there is some more order and calm in there. I have an armchair in there and a desk from where I can look out onto the prettiest part of the garden, particularly in the afternoons when there corner is in shade.

Not a great photo as it was through the fly wire sliding door...I'm sure you can imagine! 
Moving isn't much fun but the nesting sure is! Happy day to you all!