Thursday, December 6, 2012


We had a visitor last week, rather a shy one or perhaps he thought if he turned his back to us we wouldn't be able to see him . a little bird making a BIG noise alerted us to the fact he was there, just after dusk so we discovered him with the aid of a torch. I do often wish I could blog the bird sounds here, apart from the cacophonous cockatoos and the whinging young magpies, there are the sounds of the shrike pure and sweet, the currawongs like clear melodic bells, the chatter of the blue wrens, the pardalotes, [who I really miss now that they have flown the coop] and on and on the list would go...kookaburras, magpies 
when they welcome daybreak with their warbling, the willie wagtails with their 'sweet pretty creature' sounds.

On Monday we went to Inverloch, south east of Melbourne on the coast to see an old friend and stayed in a   'resort' for the night, this is from our balcony so lovely to be so close to the sea and to hear it at night as we fell asleep. The next day we meandered home through Loch, maybe 50ish K's from Inverloch. My mother grew up on a dairy farm near here and through some good luck, the big one 'chatting' up an old fellow, our age I suppose, we found the farm. I had stayed there when I was about 7 and had a very vague idea of where to go. However with the extra help we found the very house, so exciting for us, especially me. 

 I remembered the passage way, in fact I slept in the bedroom on the right near the front door.
The man who owns the farm had bought it from my uncle so that was a lovely connection too.

Loch itself is a lovely little 'village', several antique shops and the the footpaths and verges planted with flowers, big old trees thriving in the wet Gippsland area.

even discovered the war memorial with two of my uncles written on...both luckily coming home to their loved ones, not on the 'lest we forget' side.
The day was rather miserable, the weather I mean, driving rain interspersed with some sun, and cold!
We finished the day with....

very tired but with full tummies....and a dog being sick in the car on the last leg of our trip, not good!!