Sunday, February 21, 2016


Once again I've been very quiet on my blog and I needed a push or two, or three to get going. I can't promise I'll be more regular but I'll try! We've had a few issues to deal with that have been difficult, they haven't actually gone away but we've come to some sort of acceptance. And I guess that is what it is all about. Acceptance of where we are in the world and learning to live with that. Not always easy but it does get easier over time.
And my new friend, or the development of my new friend has helped me more than I can say. Tomorrow she is winging her way off to her new owner who I think needs her more than I do! And I know she, my little friend, will have a very loving home!!


She has her cup of coffee with of course a professional swirl on it, her crocheted hat and scarf and red boots to off set her outfit
I cobbled together a version of Jenny Joseph"s poem, When I'm Old  to accompany my little friend to her new home, to my very dear and longtime friend....

Now that we're old women we wear purple with red hats that don't go
And slippers to the shops and comfy shoes.
We sit on the pavement when we're tired
And gobble up samples in shops, press alarm bell for no reason!
And  run our walking sticks along fences,
Making bottom noises in the street!
We run outside when it is raining in our nighties and bare feet
And pick flowers from other peoples' gardens
And whistle in the street.
We wear terrible shirts and grow fat,
Eat smoked salmon and pizzas
Every night for a week.
And we hoard pens and pencils,
Rubber bands and boxes and pieces of string too short to be of any further use!
We sit and laugh at our memories,
Grownup children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
We know how to love, family and friends, even ourselves.
And we know what really matters in life,
That the wearing of purple with red hats
Is more important than we ever knew when we were young!

I really don't do much of the above but I'm hoping one day that I might! 


The "table' her cup is on is actually her stool! I've been saving, very slowly I might add, the little plastic containers from places like McDonalds. They are perfect for stools and I'm thinking I might make them into chairs with a back. I'll see! I've used armature wire as the base for the woman, then plaster of Paris bandages, smoothed over with 'No More Cracks' a plaster filler which is wonderful. Otherwise it is hard to paint as evenly as I would like!
Happy days, happy painting, happy crafting and happy 'doing'pf what ever does really make you happy! Till next time, xxx

Wednesday, October 21, 2015



     If you are reading this post you are amongst the top percentage of people in the world. You can read. You've had someone to teach you to read. You've most likely been to school and had at least a modicum of education. You have a computer therefore some financial income.  You have freedom to read subjects of your choice.

And yet we are so often dissatisfied either about who we perceive ourselves to be and/or where we perceive ourselves to be.

How would you describe yourself? Short, fat, lumpy, tall,  skinny, clumsy, maybe hopeless or uninteresting might spring to mind. When asked this question why do all these negative statements come to mind first? Why don't we say we are great at loving, or, we've a lovely smile, or perhaps we are kind and compassionate?

None of those negative statements about yourself are actually true. You yourself are interesting. Maybe your body is short or overweight or skinny or lanky but this is not who you are. Your body is just that...your body. Your body is just the 'suit of clothes' you 'wear' for this lifetime. Your body is incidental to who you are.

Are you able to walk, talk, eat, love and care for yourself? If you can answer yes to any or all of these questions then you are more than OK. There are millions in this world who are unable to speak, to tell others of their needs. There are millions who are blind, who cannot see anything at all, people whose lives are severely limited by their lack of sight, challenges I can only imagine. Their are millions too who are paralysed in some way or another, people who again can't look after their own needs.

And we are privileged when we....

Breathe air that is fresh.

You have the availability to eat good food.

You have the capacity to speak, to talk to those you love, to voice your thoughts and needs and communicate with others.

You are able to see.

You are able to love....yourself and others.

You can walk even if perhaps you don't feel comfortable running!

You have a brain you can use for positivity in your life.

You have talents unique to yourself, we all do.

And much as you might doubt it you are a creative being, you are creative in your own particular way, perfect for you!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


      For some time I've been thinking of writing more about my inner thoughts and my mind-ramblings. My posts have always been about what I've been doing, things I've finished, WIP, or the flowers in my life and somehow now this is not enough. To satisfy me.
So, often, and not always, I want to open up my blog, sharing more of my thoughts. Not many photos, probably lots more words...I'll see where the mood takes me.
Last night we had two friends of very long standing come to stay, two sisters. Middle daughter came for dinner and we had a very happy night, reminiscing about times gone by, our children being much the same age and having spent lots of time together. 
Today's post then is about the value of friendships, old and new, friendships that endure through thick and thin.
A few days ago I spent a couple hours with three friends who have been part of my life for the last fifteen years, not a huge period of time  but nevertheless very important and valuable. We had been playing scrabble when one friend commented on the value of friendship. We are all in our seventies, facing different sorts of challenges. Our discussions had ranged this day from shoulder operations, illnesses, relationships, as well as age related challenges, not just about ourselves but wide ranging through our community and beyond. What was so important about our chatter was the laughter we shared as we 'wandered' through our afternoon. We laughed as we forgot whose turn it was, we laughed as we stumbled over spelling, we laughed knowing that we do all have senior moments, that we really weren't showing signs of early dementia, an illness feared by most people of our age. It is laughter that cements a friendship I am quite sure, laughter that washes away the tears, laughter that keeps one forging ahead. 
 By the way...I was comforted by one of my girls a few days ago when she said, Mum, you've always been absent minded so you're no different now!
I have moved house, had different situations throughout my life and I sometimes envy those who have stayed in the same home or area most of their lives. But now I could say that each move turned out to be a differnt stage of my life. And accompanying those different stages I've had friends that have travelled beside me.
Sometimes these friendships have endured whereas other friendships have ended or just drifted away. At times I've been saddened by this but I now feel these friends who walked beside me were there to help me through particular stages in my life. And some of these friends would move on as well, to walk beside others who need a helping hand. Like giant shifting tides coming and going, a huge jigsaw of friendships fitting together, circles spinning, moving, joining, and spinning on to other circles.
The amazingly wonderful thing too is that there are all the close friends who will always be close, whether you see them every twenty or thirty years, every week or more often, or just occasionally, always the same, always able to share in whatever is going on, always with a smile and a hug, the hug that says so much.
I am so grateful to all those friends who have helped me get to where I am now. In fact I feel incredibly blessed as I look back and remember. 
And that is where I'm at today! 

Monday, August 24, 2015


We have been here for about 6 months now and it has been a joy watching the seasons unfold, watching to see which flowers appears next. A very bare magnolia began to bud, no inkling of its colour. I cut a promising bud and brought it inside, hoping the warmth would bring the flower on early...which it did! 
                             And now today the flowers are opening up at the rate of knots!


The hellebores here are so happy, lots of different colours with thousands of babies popping up underneath the foliage, I didn't know that this occurred so I'm delighted at having lots to replant and give away.






Yesterday we went to see StoneFruit's new garden and came home with a wee bunch of violets and some beautiful camellias so now have lovely glimpses of her garden with me. The violets are beautiful, delicious whiffs of scent when ever I pass by! I'm really looking forward to more 'garden reveal' from her new home. 



Friday, August 21, 2015


I can't believe it is two months since I last blogged, and just over two months since I came home from NZ with my 'new direction'. All the best intentions to blog more regularly, make more  'creations' as I call my weird women and weird birds! Best intentions gone astray!


This is one I made for an artist friend, with a pallette and a paint brush, the bristles made from dog hair!  
Not too many squirrels around here!

I've been using Gypsona and Modroc plaster of Paris bandages on top of some sort of structure such as armature wire, light cardboard, foil, whatever works, held in shape with masking tape. Sometimes I've found it difficult to get the smooth effect ii wanted and this is where a very handy husband is worth his weight in gold, even more than normal! He suggested I used  a joint compound that plasterers use such as the No More Gaps ( the one he happened to have in his workshop) to smooth over lumps and bumps or to shape small features and also the plaster 'powder'to pat, stroke on where I needed more plaster cover. They work so well and helped me a lot, especially as I'm learning this new craft.

Here half the owl has had the compound smoothed over the bandage plaster, much easier then to paint.

Something else I worked out with plasticine! I modelled a (rather scary) head with plasticine, sliced the head in half...through the ears, then glad wrap over each half,  then use the plaster of Paris bandage to cover each half. Then when the plaster is dry, carefully lift the model off the plasticine , trim off the edges and plaster over the join. With this particular woman I used small pieces of the bandage but now I have the plaster compound I would us it instead, easier to make  a good join.
I do hope these hints might help other newbies!
I'm needing to be more organised with my day to day routine. It is so easy to find other things that 'have' to be done and the fun things are left for a 'better'time. So ....good intentions to do more, such as actually scheduling on my calendar my creative appointments...I'll let you know! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Whilst in NZ Kate introduced me to the art of making models using the Gypsona Plaster of Paris over some sort of structure, wire, squished paper, foil and tape of some sort, the. Working in the same manner as happens with papier mâché. I've been getting myself into my work corner, in the cold laundry, whenever I can find a few moments. Really good fun until suddenly I'm coooold! Not having realised earlier as I was so absorbed in what I was doing.

This is for my artist friend and no, this isn't a model of her as she is in real life!

The paintbrush is made from a match and a snippet of our golden retriever's hair, he had very kindly offered to help in any way he could!

This is the beginning of a blue wren for one of my June birthday friends.

And a long legged something?! 

It is very exciting to find this new direction, to have ideas flowing in and through my mind after having felt stuck for so long.

Friday, June 12, 2015


A long day yesterday, 12 hours door to door, and very happy to be home! However the pangs of leaving the family are pretty large! But, there will be a next time and I did have a very happy husband waiting for me at the airport...he didn't quite give me the welcome that Bear, our golden retriever gave me....he literally, the dog I mean, didn't stop spinning around, kicking his back legs up in a skip every time he completed a circle, throwing his soft toy up in the air, talking his talk, for at least ten or fifteen minutes all the time with his eyes glowing with love!! So funny! 
We didn't leave the house much as we were deeply involved in using the plaster of Paris bandages, following different paths with it. Too many great books, yummy meals and lots of chatting!

Kate's butterfly and her caravan...of course a caravan!

Not great photos but Kate will have better ones on her blog I'm sure. Don't you love Hugo's mouse house... Strangely his parents don't want the mouse house to live in their house, to have mice residing with them permanently just isn't on!
Archie with his sustainable art project, beautifully presented in the box he had made, maybe with a bit of help, I'm not sure. I'm so impressed with this work, so interesting to see what he was able to do.

No homecoming would be complete without a wander around the garden...

The first daphne, the delicate snow drops and a mushroom gleaming in the grass! 
So good to be home, good to be with family here just wishing we were all in the same country!