Sunday, August 31, 2014


Love is seen and felt in all sorts of ways. Different associations for each one of us. It could be a lovingly cooked meal...

Or a wheelbarrow full of wood, waiting for the evening to come, a fire to keep me warm...

A hand to hold... To always be there...

The love of family...

And a dog....

We can't do without it...ever!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


When you look out of a plane window and see clouds they look so soft and comfortable...imagine lying in the middle of a cloud and drifting off to sleep!

I'm improvising as,when I went to take some photos a little while ago, the camera's battery was flat as a tack! I had only thought last night to check and of course that is all it was, just a fleeting thought, no action at all!

My completed rug is unbelievably soft and cosy. I use it almost every night toward the end of an evening when the fire isn't quite enough.

The soft fur on Bear, our golden retriever, if only he didn't have quite so much of it!!

The soft, dappled light shining through the old mulberry tree next to the stone chimney of the original slab hut on the farm. Reminding me of the mulberries, soft and squishy on the path into the house where they had fallen when ripe! Dodging them so they wouldn't be brought into the house!
Tomorrow, last day of the August Break. I have enjoyed having a topic and working out my slant on it.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Manchurian Pear trees have been planted along the shopping 'precinct' of our little town and the flowers have been unfurling over the last few days. Spring is upon us with beautiful blue skies.

Nature and Spring go hand in hand. We have the quiet winter months followed by the outpouring of Nature...bulbs, budding buds, blackbirds and thrushes singing their hearts out.

 The bees were having a glorious time in the prunus blossom, almost childlike in their search for the perfect flower, buzzing from one blossom to the next, maybe even wanting to find the best one before his co-worker does!?

I wonder if any of you can find the ant peeking over the edge of a flower, easier to see in the larger photo on my photo site. It is there!!

Have a lovely weekend!


New shoots on a tree paeony which belonged to my mother-in-law and to her mother before her. They don't like to be moved but our little collection has been moved many times over the years. These peonies aren't particularly abundant in their growth but if you perhaps were maybe one hundred years old you wouldn't be either!

New shoots on a rose, not a great photo as E was about to drive off without me...not really but we were on a reasonably tight schedule to Melbourne and I hasn't taken photos!

A collection of new books, for me, waiting to be read, with the knowledge there are two more waiting at the library for me! Always exciting!
We had a long day, heading out from Melbourne in peak hour traffic, never a good time to leave when you have the Tullamarine Freeway to negotiate. However the bonus was seeing the sun go down, a beautiful sunset so although this isn't 'new' I'm giving you a glimpse of how our day finished!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


It wasn't until I loaded the photos onto the ipad that i saw the wire netting 'lines' on the posts as I was too far away when I took the photo. A lucky shot.

I went back to the creek this morning, yesterday's ride there was so beautiful I needed a repeat. 
The last photo is one I took yesterday, saving it for LINES  today.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


A beautiful clear sunny morning here this morning so I trundled off on my bike to see what I could see along the creek. This is my favourite photo today.

I have always loved to see oldies walking hand in hand! Me included!

The first three ducks very happy enjoying their breakfast until a fourth came rushing in to spoil their fun!

The early bird catching the worm!

There is something very special about the early morning light...and the late afternoon as well.

Monday, August 25, 2014


From a gum tree drooping over our fence...

Little indeed,

Sunday, August 24, 2014


I did wonder what my post would be about as so we have so many 'memory' possessions still packed, waiting for our new home. I think I've said we have only unpacked what was necessary for our immediate use, thinking we would only be here for a couple of months! Thus several mistakes were made, such as our winter sheets well and truly hidden away. I did find one box that had extra blankets, thank goodness as it has been rather a long dreary winter.
Anyway I digress!
Photos of photos I have on my dressing table...

My mother and father in the two single frames and my mother-in-law and father-in-law together. I never met my father-in-law and my father died when I was almost seventeen so it is lovely to have these 'memories' so close to us, where we see them every day.

This is a photo of my two younger brothers and I posing on an aeroplane tube my parents bought for us from a disposals shop in Melbourne. They were very impressed with themselves as,somehow, they had to carry it onto a tram then I suppose on a train to bring it home. Hardly a small keepsake! 
We lived on a farm with a creek just below the house so learning to swim was a necessity. We had so much fun with the tyre, floating around on it, seeing how many of us, including cousins who were staying with us, could crowd onto the tyre without falling off. And of course with four boys and one girl in the family tricks were often played...perhaps I might be floating in my own world when one of my brothers would come along and tip me off! Maybe occasionally the other way around!
By the way please don't think I had/have extraordinarily large feet! The flippers were good fun too.
Good memories of a time long gone.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Nature, the natural adornment...

An adorned tree in our garden....just for fun!

Friday, August 22, 2014


As I have been in Melbourne for the last couple of days I've been using older photos. The top ome which I don't think I took but is on my ipad, probably one of Lucy's from Stonefruitseason blog. It has special significance for us as it is taken where my brother lives. He is a batchelor, much beloved by all his family, my children, my nephews and nieces and now into the next generation, lovely to see. This bend in the creek is on the farm I grew up in and the spot where my mother built her new house after the family house burnt down nearly fifty years ago. As children this spot was where we often swam so lots of history for our family.
The second photo I've always enjoyed for it's 'architectural' or 'sculptured' look.
And the third... Under the jetty next to the Point Lonsdale lighthouse, taken on a day when I was meandering along and around the 'point'.
I can't believe it is the weekend ....happy weekending!